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public static var enabled: bool;
public static bool enabled;


Is the GUI enabled?

Set this value to false to disable all GUI interaction. All controls will be draw semi-transparently, and will not respond to user input.

Enabled / Disabled GUI controls.

    // The value tracking whether or not the extended options can be toggled.
    var allOptions : boolean = true;
    // The 2 extended options.
    var extended1 : boolean = true;
    var extended2 : boolean = true;
    function OnGUI () {
        // Make a toggle control that allows the user to edit some extended options.
        allOptions = GUI.Toggle (Rect (0,0,150,20), allOptions, "Edit All Options");

// Assign the value of it to the GUI.enabled - if the checkbox above // is disabled, so will these GUI elements be GUI.enabled = allOptions;

// These two controls will only be enabled if the button above is on. extended1 = GUI.Toggle (Rect (20,20,130,20), extended1, "Extended Option 1"); extended2 = GUI.Toggle (Rect (20,40,130,20), extended2, "Extended Option 2");

// We're done with the conditional block, so make GUI code be enabled again. GUI.enabled = true;

// Make an Ok button if (GUI.Button (Rect (0, 60, 150, 20), "Ok")) print ("user clicked ok"); }
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public bool allOptions = true; public bool extended1 = true; public bool extended2 = true; void OnGUI() { allOptions = GUI.Toggle(new Rect(0, 0, 150, 20), allOptions, "Edit All Options"); GUI.enabled = allOptions; extended1 = GUI.Toggle(new Rect(20, 20, 130, 20), extended1, "Extended Option 1"); extended2 = GUI.Toggle(new Rect(20, 40, 130, 20), extended2, "Extended Option 2"); GUI.enabled = true; if (GUI.Button(new Rect(0, 60, 150, 20), "Ok")) print("user clicked ok"); } }