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class in UnityEngine.EventSystems

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Helper class that can be used to send IEventSystemHandler events to GameObjects.

Static Variables

beginDragHandler IBeginDragHandler execute helper function.
cancelHandler ICancelHandler execute helper function.
deselectHandler IDeselectHandler execute helper function.
dragHandler IDragHandler execute helper function.
dropHandler IDropHandler execute helper function.
endDragHandler IEndDragHandler execute helper function.
initializePotentialDrag IInitializePotentialDragHandler execute helper function.
moveHandler IMoveHandler execute helper function.
pointerClickHandler IPointerClickHandler execute helper function.
pointerDownHandler IPointerDownHandler execute helper function.
pointerEnterHandler IPointerEnterHandler execute helper function.
pointerExitHandler IPointerExitHandler execute helper function.
pointerUpHandler IPointerUpHandler execute helper function.
scrollHandler IScrollHandler execute helper function.
selectHandler ISelectHandler execute helper function.
submitHandler ISubmitHandler execute helper function.
updateSelectedHandler IUpdateSelectedHandler execute helper function.

Static Functions

CanHandleEventCan the given GameObject handle the IEventSystemHandler of type T.
ExecuteExecute the event of type T : IEventSystemHandler on GameObject.
ExecuteHierarchyRecurse up the hierarchy calling Execute<T> until there is a GameObject that can handle the event.
GetEventHandlerTraverse the object hierarchy starting at root, and return the GameObject which implements the event handler of type <T>.
ValidateEventDataAttempt to convert the data to type T. If conversion fails an ArgumentException is thrown.


EventFunction<T0>Funtion definition for an EventFunction that is used to map a given EventInterface into a specific event call.