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class in UnityEngine.Networking.Match

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A class describing the match information as a snapshot at the time the request was processed on the MatchMaker.

The information in this class is part of the data list returned when listing open matches through MatchMaker. It describes the instantaneous state at the time the request was handled.


averageEloScoreThe average Elo score of the match.
currentSizeThe current number of players in the match.
directConnectInfosThe collection of direct connect info classes describing direct connection information supplied to the MatchMaker.
hostNodeIdThe NodeID of the host for this match.
isPrivateDescribes if the match is private. Private matches are unlisted in ListMatch results.
matchAttributesThe collection of match attributes on this match.
maxSizeThe maximum number of players this match can grow to.
nameThe text name for this match.
networkIdThe network ID for this match.