Version: 2018.1


struct in UnityEngine

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A 2D Rectangle defined by x, y, width, height with integers.


allPositionsWithinA RectInt.PositionCollection that contains all positions within the RectInt.
centerCenter coordinate of the rectangle.
heightHeight of the rectangle.
maxUpper right corner of the rectangle.
minLower left corner of the rectangle.
positionReturns the position (x, y) of the RectInt.
sizeReturns the width and height of the RectInt.
widthWidth of the rectangle.
xLeft coordinate of the rectangle.
xMaxReturns the maximum X value of the RectInt.
xMinReturns the minimum X value of the RectInt.
yTop coordinate of the rectangle.
yMaxReturns the maximum Y value of the RectInt.
yMinReturns the minimum Y value of the RectInt.

Public Functions

ClampToBoundsClamps the position and size of the RectInt to the given bounds.
ContainsReturns true if the given position is within the RectInt.
SetMinMaxSets the bounds to the min and max value of the rect.
ToStringReturns the x, y, width and height of the RectInt.