Version: 2018.1



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Possible status messages returned by Network.Connect and in OnFailedToConnect in case the error was not immediate.


NoErrorNo error occurred.
RSAPublicKeyMismatchWe presented an RSA public key which does not match what the system we connected to is using.
InvalidPasswordThe server is using a password and has refused our connection because we did not set the correct password.
ConnectionFailedConnection attempt failed, possibly because of internal connectivity problems.
TooManyConnectedPlayersThe server is at full capacity, failed to connect.
ConnectionBannedWe are banned from the system we attempted to connect to (likely temporarily).
AlreadyConnectedToServerWe are already connected to this particular server (can happen after fast disconnect/reconnect).
AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServerCannot connect to two servers at once. Close the connection before connecting again.
CreateSocketOrThreadFailureInternal error while attempting to initialize network interface. Socket possibly already in use.
IncorrectParametersIncorrect parameters given to Connect function.
EmptyConnectTargetNo host target given in Connect.
InternalDirectConnectFailedClient could not connect internally to same network NAT enabled server.
NATTargetNotConnectedThe NAT target we are trying to connect to is not connected to the facilitator server.
NATTargetConnectionLostConnection lost while attempting to connect to NAT target.
NATPunchthroughFailedNAT punchthrough attempt has failed. The cause could be a too restrictive NAT implementation on either endpoints.