Version: 2020.1
言語: 日本語


class in UnityEngine




このクラスには、実行データを制御したり情報を取得するための、static メソッドが含まれています。

Static 変数

absoluteURLThe URL of the document. For WebGL, this a web URL. For Android, iOS, or Universal Windows Platform (UWP) this is a deep link URL. (Read Only)
buildGUIDReturns a GUID for this build (Read Only).
cloudProjectIdクラウドプロジェクトの ID。これは必ずユニークな ID です(読み取り専用)
consoleLogPathReturns the path to the console log file, or an empty string if the current platform does not support log files.
dataPathContains the path to the game data folder on the target device (Read Only).
genuineアプリケーションが構成された後、なんらかの変更があった場合に false を返します
genuineCheckAvailableアプリケーションの整合性が確認できる場合は true を返します。
identifierReturns application identifier at runtime. On Apple platforms this is the 'bundleIdentifier' saved in the info.plist file, on Android it's the 'package' from the AndroidManifest.xml.
installerNameアプリケーションをインストールしたストア、または、パッケージ名を返します (読み込み専用)。
isBatchModeReturns true when Unity is launched with the -batchmode flag from the command line (Read Only).
isFocusedWhether the player currently has focus. Read-only.
isPlayingReturns true when called in any kind of built Player, or when called in the Editor in Play Mode (Read Only).
streamingAssetsPathThe path to the StreamingAssets folder (Read Only).
targetFrameRateInstructs the game to try to render at a specified frame rate.
unityVersionUnity のバージョンを返す。

Static 関数

GetBuildTagsReturns an array of feature tags in use for this build.
GetStackTraceLogTypeスタックトレースのロギングのオプションを取得します。デフォルト値は StackTraceLogType.ScriptOnly です。
HasProLicensePro ライセンスでアクティベートされているかどうか
HasUserAuthorizationWeb Player で Web カメラやマイクの許可を行っているかを確認します。
IsPlayingReturns true if the given object is part of the playing world either in any kind of built Player or in Play Mode.
OpenURLOpens the URL specified, subject to the permissions and limitations of your app’s current platform and environment. This is handled in different ways depending on the nature of the URL, and with different security restrictions, depending on the runtime platform.
RequestAdvertisingIdentifierAsyncRequest advertising ID for iOS and Windows Store.
RequestUserAuthorizationRequest authorization to use the webcam or microphone on iOS.
SetBuildTagsSet an array of feature tags for this build.
SetStackTraceLogTypeスタックトレースのロギングのオプションを設定します。デフォルト値は StackTraceLogType.ScriptOnly です。
UnloadUnloads the Unity Player.


deepLinkActivatedThis event is raised when an application running on Android, iOS, or the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is activated using a deep link URL.
focusChangedDefines the delegate to use to register for events in which the focus gained or lost.
lowMemoryThis event occurs when your app receives a low-memory notification from the device it is running on. This only occurs when your app is running in the foreground. You can release non-critical assets from memory (such as, textures or audio clips) in response to this in order to avoid the app being terminated. You can also load smaller versions of such assets. Furthermore, you should serialize any transient data to permanent storage to avoid data loss if the app is terminated.This event is supported on iOS, Android, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).This event corresponds to the following callbacks on the different platforms: - iOS: [UIApplicationDelegate applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning] - Android: onLowMemory() and onTrimMemory(level == TRIM_MEMORY_RUNNING_CRITICAL) - UWP: MemoryManager.AppMemoryUsageIncreased (AppMemoryUsageLevel == OverLimit)Note: For UWP, this event will not occur on Desktop and only works on memory constrained devices, such as HoloLens and Xbox One. The OverLimit threshold specified by the OS in this case is so high it is not reasonably possible to reach it and trigger the event.Here is an example of handling the callback:
onBeforeRenderDelegate method used to register for "Just Before Render" input updates for VR devices.
quittingUnity raises this event when the player application is qutting.
unloadingUnity raises this event when Player is unloading.
wantsToQuitUnity raises this event when the player application wants to quit.


AdvertisingIdentifierCallbackAdvertising ID をフェッチするためのデリゲートメソッド
LogCallbackログとして保存されるものをモニタリングするために Application.logMessageReceived や Application.logMessageReceivedThreaded で使用されるデリゲートです。
LowMemoryCallbackThis is the delegate function when a mobile device notifies of low memory.