Version: 2020.1
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struct in UnityEngine



This struct contains all the information required to create a RenderTexture. It can be copied, cached, and reused to easily create RenderTextures that all share the same properties.


autoGenerateMipsMipmap levels are generated automatically when this flag is set.
bindMSIf true and msaaSamples is greater than 1, the render texture will not be resolved by default. Use this if the render texture needs to be bound as a multisampled texture in a shader.
depthBufferBitsThe precision of the render texture's depth buffer in bits (0, 16, 24/32 are supported).See Also: RenderTexture.depth.
dimensionレンダーテクスチャの次元 (形式)See Also: RenderTexture.dimension.
enableRandomWriteShader Model 5.0 レベルのシェーダーでこのレンダーテクスチャにランダムアクセス書き込みを有効にします。See Also: RenderTexture.enableRandomWrite.
flagsA set of RenderTextureCreationFlags that control how the texture is created.
graphicsFormatThe color format for the RenderTexture.
memorylessThe render texture memoryless mode property.
mipCountUser-defined mipmap count.
msaaSamplesThe multisample antialiasing level for the RenderTexture.See Also: RenderTexture.antiAliasing.
shadowSamplingModeDetermines how the RenderTexture is sampled if it is used as a shadow map.See Also: ShadowSamplingMode for more details.
sRGBThis flag causes the render texture uses sRGB read/write conversions.
stencilFormatThe format of the stencil data that you can encapsulate within a RenderTexture.Specifying this property creates a stencil element for the RenderTexture and sets its format. This allows for stencil data to be bound as a Texture to all shader types for the platforms that support it. This property does not specify the format of the stencil buffer, which is constrained by the depth buffer format specified in RenderTexture.depth.Currently, most platforms only support R8_UInt (DirectX11, DirectX12), while PS4 also supports R8_UNorm.
useDynamicScaleSet to true to enable dynamic resolution scaling on this render texture.See Also: RenderTexture.useDynamicScale.
useMipMapRender texture has mipmaps when this flag is set.See Also: RenderTexture.useMipMap.
volumeDepth3D Render Texture のボリュームの最大値
vrUsageIf this RenderTexture is a VR eye texture used in stereoscopic rendering, this property decides what special rendering occurs, if any. Instead of setting this manually, use the value returned by eyeTextureDesc or other VR functions returning a RenderTextureDescriptor.


RenderTextureDescriptorCreate a RenderTextureDescriptor with default values, or a certain width, height, and format.