Version: 2019.1


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Texture Sheet Animation モジュールのスクリプトインターフェース

This module allows you to add animations to your particle textures. This is achieved by authoring flipbook textures, which look like this:

Each numbered region represents a frame of the animation, and must be distributed evenly across the texture. Select a variable below to see script examples. You may want to use this texture on your Particle System with each example, to see how the module works.

See Also: ParticleSystem, ParticleSystem.textureSheetAnimation.


enabledTexture Sheet Animation モジュールの有効/無効を切り替えます。
fpsControl how quickly the animation plays.
frameOverTimeMultiplierFrame over time mutiplier.
modeSelect whether the animated texture information comes from a grid of frames on a single texture, or from a list of Sprite objects.
numTilesXX 軸におけるテクスチャのタイリングを定義します。
numTilesYY 軸におけるテクスチャのタイリングを定義します。
rowIndexExplicitly select which row of the texture sheet is used, when ParticleSystem.TextureSheetAnimationModule.rowMode is set to Custom.
speedRangeSpecify how particle speeds are mapped to the animation frames.
spriteCountThe total number of sprites.
startFrameMultiplierStarting frame multiplier.
timeModeSelect whether the playback is based on mapping a curve to the lifetime of each particle, by using the particle speeds, or if playback simply uses a constant frames per second.
uvChannelMaskテクスチャアニメーションを受信する UV チャンネルを選択します。

Public 関数

AddSpriteAdd a new Sprite.
GetSpriteGet the Sprite at the given index.
RemoveSpriteRemove a Sprite from the given index in the array.
SetSpriteSet the Sprite at the given index.