Version: 2019.1


class in UnityEngine.XR



A collection of methods and properties for interacting with the XR tracking system.

Static 変数

disablePositionalTrackingDisables positional tracking in XR. This takes effect the next time the head pose is sampled. If set to true the camera only tracks headset rotation state.

Static 関数

GetLocalPositionGets the position of a specific node.
GetLocalRotationGets the rotation of a specific node.
GetNodeNameAccepts the unique identifier for a tracked node and returns a friendly name for it.
GetNodeStatesDescribes all currently connected XRNodes and provides available tracking states for each.
Recenter現在の HMD のポジションと方向を中心に戻します。


nodeAddedCalled when a tracked node is added to the underlying XR system.
nodeRemovedCalled when a tracked node is removed from the underlying XR system.
trackingAcquiredCalled when a tracked node begins reporting tracking information.
trackingLostCalled when a tracked node stops reporting tracking information.