Version: 2019.1


OnMouseOver は GUIElement または Collider 上にマウスがあり続ける限り毎フレーム呼び出され続けます

A call to OnMouseEnter occurs on the first frame the mouse is over the object. OnMouseOver is then called each frame until the mouse moves away, at which point OnMouseExit is called.

この関数はレイヤーが「 Ignore Raycast 」のゲームオブジェクトでは呼び出されません。

This function is called on Colliders marked as Trigger if and only if Physics.queriesHitTriggers is true.

OnMouseOver can be a co-routine, simply use the yield statement in the function. This event is sent to all scripts attached to the Collider or GUIElement.

//Attach this script to a GameObject to have it output messages when your mouse hovers over it.
using UnityEngine;

public class OnMouseOverExample : MonoBehaviour { void OnMouseOver() { //If your mouse hovers over the GameObject with the script attached, output this message Debug.Log("Mouse is over GameObject."); }

void OnMouseExit() { //The mouse is no longer hovering over the GameObject so output this message each frame Debug.Log("Mouse is no longer on GameObject."); } }


// This second example changes the GameObject's color to red when the mouse hovers over it
// Ensure the GameObject has a MeshRenderer

using UnityEngine;

public class OnMouseOverColor : MonoBehaviour { //When the mouse hovers over the GameObject, it turns to this color (red) Color m_MouseOverColor =;

//This stores the GameObject’s original color Color m_OriginalColor;

//Get the GameObject’s mesh renderer to access the GameObject’s material and color MeshRenderer m_Renderer;

void Start() { //Fetch the mesh renderer component from the GameObject m_Renderer = GetComponent<MeshRenderer>(); //Fetch the original color of the GameObject m_OriginalColor = m_Renderer.material.color; }

void OnMouseOver() { // Change the color of the GameObject to red when the mouse is over GameObject m_Renderer.material.color = m_MouseOverColor; }

void OnMouseExit() { // Reset the color of the GameObject back to normal m_Renderer.material.color = m_OriginalColor; } }