Version: 2018.4


public WebCamTexture ();
public WebCamTexture (int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight, int requestedFPS);
public WebCamTexture (int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight);
public WebCamTexture (string deviceName);
public WebCamTexture (string deviceName, int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight);
public WebCamTexture (string deviceName, int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight, int requestedFPS);




WebCamTexture を作成する

WebCamTexture.devices を使用して、利用できるカメラ デバイスの名前のリストを取得します。デバイス名がコンストラクタに提供されない場合や、null 文字列で渡された場合は、最初に見つかったデバイスが使用されます。


Call Application.RequestUserAuthorization before creating a WebCamTexture.

Note: using webcam texture on Android requires a device running Honeycomb (Android 3.0) or later.

Note: If you want to use a WebCamTexture to play the camera stream from a device connected through Unity Remote, then you must initialize it through use of the constructor. It is not possible to change the device later using WebCamTexture.deviceName from a regular device to a remote device and vice versa.

Note: For camera devices of kind WebCamKind.ColorAndDepth (currently these are only dual back and true depth cameras on latest iOS devices), it is possible to create a WebCamTexture instance to receive depth data using WebCamDevice.depthCameraName as the deviceName. This WebCamTexture always contains one channel and is in half-precision floating point format with distance values in meters.

If required, it is also possible to create a second WebCamTexture instance using as deviceName to receive color data. In this case, both color and depth data will be synchronized.

Currently, iOS supports only limited combinations of color/depth data resolutions. requestedWidth and requestedHeight parameters are ignored, when creating WebCamTexture instances for ColorAndDepth devices. For iPhone 7+/8+ dual back cameras, the size of the WebCamTexture for color data is 1440x1080 and for iPhone X dual back and front true depth cameras, it is 1500x1126. The depth data resolution is always a maximum of 320x240 for iPhone 4+/8+/X dual back cameras and 640x480 for iPhone X front true depth cameras.