Version: 2018.4


class in UnityEngine.Profiling





Custom CPU Profiler label used for profiling arbitrary code blocks.

Use CustomSampler to measure execution time of script code blocks. Produced information is displayed in the CPU Profiler and can be captured with Recorder.
Using CustomSampler is more efficient than using Profiler.BeginSample to profile your code. This is because CustomSamplers that have been created in advance have very low Begin call overhead compared to Profiler.BeginSample.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Profiling;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { CustomSampler sampler; void Start() { sampler = CustomSampler.Create("MyCustomSampler"); }

void Update() { sampler.Begin(); // do something that takes a lot of time sampler.End(); } }

CustomSampler.Begin is conditionally compiled away using ConditionalAttribute. Thus it will have zero overhead, when it is deployed in non-Development Build.

See Also: Sampler, CustomSampler.Create, CustomSampler.Begin.

Public 関数

BeginBegin profiling a piece of code with a custom label defined by this instance of CustomSampler.

Static 関数

CreateCreates a new CustomSampler for profiling parts of your code.



isValidReturns true if Sampler is valid. (Read Only)
nameSampler name. (Read Only)

Public 関数

GetRecorderReturns Recorder associated with the Sampler.

Static 関数

GetReturns Sampler object for the specific CPU Profiler label.
GetNamesReturns number and names of all registered Profiler labels.