Version: 2018.4
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


struct in UnityEngine.Experimental.Animations



The stream of animation data passed from one Playable to another.

The AnimationStream structure is passed through the animation Playable structures, like AnimationClipPlayable and AnimationMixerPlayable. They can be modified when used with an IAnimationJobPlayable, like the AnimationScriptPlayable.

The Playables implementing IAnimationJobPlayable take a custom C# job, which must implement IAnimationJob, and the AnimationStream is then passed to its callbacks during the animation processing pass.

See Also: IAnimationJob, AnimationScriptPlayable, TransformStreamHandle, PropertyStreamHandle, TransformSceneHandle, and PropertySceneHandle.


angularVelocityGets or sets the avatar angular velocity for the evaluated frame.
deltaTimeGets the delta time for the evaluated frame. (Read Only)
inputStreamCountGets the number of input streams. (Read Only)
isHumanStreamReturns true if the stream is from a humanoid avatar; false otherwise. (Read Only)
isValidReturns true if the stream is valid; false otherwise. (Read Only)
rootMotionPositionGets the root motion position for the evaluated frame. (Read Only)
rootMotionRotationGets the root motion rotation for the evaluated frame. (Read Only)
velocityGets or sets the avatar velocity for the evaluated frame.

Public 関数

AsHumanGets the same stream, but as an AnimationHumanStream.
GetInputStreamGets the AnimationStream of the playable input at index.