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GetComponentsInParent(type: Type, includeInactive: bool = false): Component[];
Component[] GetComponentsInParent(Type type, bool includeInactive = false);
def GetComponentsInParent(type as Type, includeInactive as bool = false) as Component[]


type The type of Component to retrieve.
includeInactive Should inactive Components be included in the found set?


Returns all components of Type type in the GameObject or any of its parents.

The search for components is carried out recursively on parent objects, so it includes parents of parents, and so on.

	// Disable the spring on all HingeJoints 
	// in this game object and all its parent game objects
	var hingeJoints : HingeJoint[];
	hingeJoints = gameObject.GetComponentsInParent(HingeJoint);
	for (var joint : HingeJoint in hingeJoints) {
		joint.useSpring = false;
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour {
    public HingeJoint[] hingeJoints;
    void Example() {
        hingeJoints = gameObject.GetComponentsInParent(typeof(HingeJoint));
        foreach (HingeJoint joint in hingeJoints) {
            joint.useSpring = false;
import UnityEngine
import System.Collections

public class ExampleClass(MonoBehaviour):

	public hingeJoints as (HingeJoint)

	def Example() as void:
		hingeJoints = gameObject.GetComponentsInParent(typeof(HingeJoint))
		for joint as HingeJoint in hingeJoints:
			joint.useSpring = false

GetComponentsInParent(includeInactive: bool): T[];
T[] GetComponentsInParent(bool includeInactive);
def GetComponentsInParent(includeInactive as bool) as T[]
GetComponentsInParent(): T[];
T[] GetComponentsInParent();
def GetComponentsInParent() as T[]


includeInactive Should inactive Components be included in the found set?


Generic version. See the Generic Functions page for more details.

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