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class in UnityEditor

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Auto-layouted version of EditorGUI.

Static Functions

BeginFadeGroupBegins a group that can be be hidden/shown and the transition will be animated.
BeginHorizontalBegin a horizontal group and get its rect back.
BeginScrollViewBegin an automatically layouted scrollview.
BeginToggleGroupBegin a vertical group with a toggle to enable or disable all the controls within at once.
BeginVerticalBegin a vertical group and get its rect back.
BoundsFieldMake Center & Extents field for entering a Bounds.
ColorFieldMake a field for selecting a Color.
CurveFieldMake a field for editing an AnimationCurve.
DoubleFieldMake a text field for entering double values.
EndFadeGroupCloses a group started with BeginFadeGroup.
EndHorizontalClose a group started with BeginHorizontal.
EndScrollViewEnds a scrollview started with a call to BeginScrollView.
EndToggleGroupClose a group started with BeginToggleGroup.
EndVerticalClose a group started with BeginVertical.
EnumMaskFieldMake a field for enum based masks.
EnumMaskPopupMake an enum popup selection field for a bitmask.
EnumPopupMake an enum popup selection field.
FloatFieldMake a text field for entering float values.
FoldoutMake a label with a foldout arrow to the left of it.
GetControlRectGet a rect for an Editor control.
HelpBoxMake a help box with a message to the user.
InspectorTitlebarMake an inspector-window-like titlebar.
IntFieldMake a text field for entering integers.
IntPopupMake an integer popup selection field.
IntSliderMake a slider the user can drag to change an integer value between a min and a max.
LabelFieldMake a label field. (Useful for showing read-only info.)
LayerFieldMake a layer selection field.
LongFieldMake a text field for entering integers.
MaskFieldMake a field for masks.
MinMaxSliderMake a special slider the user can use to specify a range between a min and a max.
PasswordFieldMake a text field where the user can enter a password.
PopupMake a generic popup selection field.
PrefixLabelMake a label in front of some control.
PropertyFieldMake a field for SerializedProperty.
RectFieldMake an X, Y, W & H field for entering a Rect.
SelectableLabelMake a selectable label field. (Useful for showing read-only info that can be copy-pasted.)
SliderMake a slider the user can drag to change a value between a min and a max.
SpaceMake a small space between the previous control and the following.
TagFieldMake a tag selection field.
TextAreaMake a text area.
TextFieldMake a text field.
ToggleMake a toggle.
ToggleLeftMake a toggle field where the toggle is to the left and the label immediately to the right of it.
Vector2FieldMake an X & Y field for entering a Vector2.
Vector3FieldMake an X, Y & Z field for entering a Vector3.
Vector4FieldMake an X, Y, Z & W field for entering a Vector4.