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The language the user's operating system is running in. Returned by Application.systemLanguage.


Afrikaans Afrikaans.
Arabic Arabic.
Basque Basque.
Belarusian Belarusian.
Bulgarian Bulgarian.
Catalan Catalan.
Chinese Chinese.
Czech Czech.
Danish Danish.
Dutch Dutch.
English English.
Estonian Estonian.
Faroese Faroese.
Finnish Finnish.
French French.
German German.
Greek Greek.
Hebrew Hebrew.
Icelandic Icelandic.
Indonesian Indonesian.
Italian Italian.
Japanese Japanese.
Korean Korean.
Latvian Latvian.
Lithuanian Lithuanian.
Norwegian Norwegian.
Polish Polish.
Portuguese Portuguese.
Romanian Romanian.
Russian Russian.
SerboCroatian Serbo-Croatian.
Slovak Slovak.
Slovenian Slovenian.
Spanish Spanish.
Swedish Swedish.
Thai Thai.
Turkish Turkish.
Ukrainian Ukrainian.
Vietnamese Vietnamese.
Unknown Unknown.
Hungarian Hungarian.
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