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Types of UnityGUI input and processing events.

See Also: Event.type, Event, GUI Scripting Guide.


MouseDown Mouse button was pressed.
MouseUp Mouse button was released.
MouseMove Mouse was moved (editor views only).
MouseDrag Mouse was dragged.
KeyDown A keyboard key was pressed.
KeyUp A keyboard key was released.
ScrollWheel The scroll wheel was moved.
Repaint A repaint event. One is sent every frame.
Layout A layout event.
DragUpdated Editor only: drag & drop operation updated.
DragPerform Editor only: drag & drop operation performed.
DragExited Editor only: drag & drop operation exited.
Ignore Event should be ignored.
Used Already processed event.
ValidateCommand Validates a special command (e.g. copy & paste).
ExecuteCommand Execute a special command (eg. copy & paste).
ContextClick User has right-clicked (or control-clicked on the mac).
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