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Lo básico de Unity iOS

Esta sección cubre las preguntas más comunes e importantes que surgen cuando se comienza a trabajar con iOS.


Acabo de recibir una aprobación de desarrollador para iPhone de Apple, pero nunca antes he desarrollado para iOS. Qué hago primero?

A: Descargue el SDK, empiece a trabajar en el sitio de Desarrolladores para Apple, y configure su equipo, dispositivos, y aprovisionamiento. Nosotros hemos proporcionado una lista de pasos básicos para que usted comience.

Pueden los juegos construidos en Unity correr en el simulador de iPhone?

A: No, but Unity iOS can build to iPad Simulator if you’re using the latest SDK. However the simulator itself is not very useful for Unity because it does not simulate all inputs from iOS or properly emulate the performance you get on the iPhone/iPad. You should test out gameplay directly inside Unity using the iPhone/iPad as a remote control while it is running the Unity Remote application. Then, when you are ready to test performance and optimize the game, you should publish to iOS devices.

Características de Unity

Cómo trabajo con la pantalla táctil y el acelerómetro?

A: In the scripting reference inside your Unity iOS installation, you will find classes that provide the hooks into the device functionality that you will need to build your apps. Consult the Input page for more information.

Mis sistemas de partícula parecen estar corriendo muy lento en iOS. Qué debo hacer?

A: iOS has a relatively low fillrate. If your particles cover a large portion of the screen with multiple layers, it will kill iOS performance even with the simplest shader. We suggest baking your particle effects into a series of textures offline. Then, at run-time, you can use 1–2 particles to display them via animated textures. You can get ok results with a minimum amount of overdraw this way.

Puedo hacer un juego que utilice mucha física?

A: Physics can be expensive on iOS as it requires a lot of floating point number calculations. You should completely avoid MeshColliders if at all possible, but they can be used if they are really necessary. To improve performance, use a low fixed framerate using Edit->Time->Fixed Delta Time. A framerate of 10–30 is recommended. Enable rigidbody interpolation to achieve smooth motion while using low physics frame rates. In order to achieve completely fluid framerate without oscillations, it is best to pick a fixed deltaTime value based on the average framerate your game is getting on iOS. Either 1:1 or half the frame rate is recommended. For example, if you get 30 fps, you should use 15 or 30 fps for fixed frame rate (0.033 or 0.066)

Puedo acceder a la galería, librería de música o el reproductor nativo de iPod en el Unity iOS?

A: Yes, if you implement it. Unity iPhone supports the native plugin system, where you can add any feature you need – including access to Gallery, Music library, iPod Player and any other feature that the iOS SDK exposes. Unity iOS does not provide an API for accessing the listed features through Unity scripts.

Consideraciones del UnityGUI

Qué clase de impacto en el rendimiento tendrá el UnityGUI en mis juegos?

A: UnityGUI consumes more resources when more controls are used. It is ideal to limit your use of UnityGUI to game menus or very minimal GUI Controls while your game is running. It is important to note that every object with a script containing an OnGUI() call will require additional processor time – even if it is an empty OnGUI() block. It is best to disable any scripts that have an OnGUI() call if the GUI Controls are not being used. You can do this by marking the script as enabled = false.

Otras recomendaciones para utilizar UnityGUI?

A: Intente utilizar GUILayout como sea menor posible. Si usted no está utilizando GUILayout para nada de una llamada OnGUI(), usted puede desactivar toda la renderización GUILayout utilizando MonoBehaviour.useGUILayout = false; esto multiplica el rendimiento de renderización GUI. Finalmente, utilice el menor número de elementos GUI mientras renderice escenas 3D en lo posible.

Iniciando con desarrollo iOS
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