Version: 2017.4
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Manejando su Licencia de Unity

Mi máquina ya no es accesible:

Usted puede devolver activaciones desde el numero(s) serial agregado a su cuenta de la webstore (tienda web).

  1. Vaya a License Management Section de su cuenta de la webstore.
  2. Agregue su numero serial a la cuenta si no lo ha si no está ya añadió.
  3. Click Activations to the right of the serial number.
  4. Click Disable all Activations.

Unfortunately you cannot return single activations, this only resets them.

Mi máquina todavía está accesible:

Usted ahora es capaz de manejar su licencia desde el editor. A continuación hay una guía acerca de cómo este sistema funciona y se lleva a cabo.

  1. Click the Unity drop-down on your toolbar (Help on Windows OS).
  2. Click the Manage License option. (This is the unified place within the Editor for all your licensing needs).

The License Management window will appear. You then have four options, explained below:

License Management Window
License Management Window
Check for updates Cross-references the server, querying your Serial number for any changes that may have been made since you last activated. This is handy for updating your license to include new add-ons once purchased and added to your existing license via the Unity Store.
Activate New License: Enables you to activate a new serial number on the machine you’re using.
Return License Enables you to return the license on the machine in question, in return for a new activation that can be used on another machine. Once clicked, the Editor will close and you will be able to activate your serial number elsewhere. For more information on how many machines a single license enables use on, please see our EULA.
Manual Activation Enables you to activate your copy of Unity offline. This is covered in more depth here.

If you encounter any error codes or other problems, please refer to the Unity Support Knowledge Base or contact Unity Customer Support for more assistance.

  • 2017–09–06 Page amended with limited editorial review
  • Activación de Licencias actualizada en Unity 2017.2
Activación fuera de linea/ Manual
Preguntas frecuentes de Activación