Version: 2019.1


class in UnityEditor

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Describes information and value of a single shader property.

MaterialProperty is used with the MaterialEditor when writing custom material editors, or implementing custom MaterialPropertyDrawer classes.

See Also: MaterialEditor, MaterialPropertyDrawer.


colorValueColor value of the property.
displayNameDisplay name of the property (Read Only).
flagsFlags that control how property is displayed (Read Only).
floatValueFloat vaue of the property.
hasMixedValueDoes this property have multiple different values? (Read Only)
nameName of the property (Read Only).
rangeLimitsMin/max limits of a ranged float property (Read Only).
targetsMaterial objects being edited by this property (Read Only).
textureDimensionTexture dimension (2D, Cubemap etc.) of the property (Read Only).
textureValueTexture value of the property.
typeType of the property (Read Only).
vectorValueVector value of the property.