Version: 2021.1


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public static Texture2D CreateExternalTexture (int width, int height, TextureFormat format, bool mipChain, bool linear, IntPtr nativeTex);


nativeTex Native 2D texture object.
width Width of texture in pixels.
height Height of texture in pixels.
format Format of underlying texture object.
mipmap Does the texture have mipmaps?
linear Is texture using linear color space?


Creates a Unity Texture out of an externally created native texture object.

This function is mostly useful for native code plugins that create platform specific texture objects outside of Unity, and need to use these textures in Unity Scenes. It is also possible to create a texture in Unity and get a pointer to the underlying platform representation; see Texture.GetNativeTexturePtr.

Parameters passed to CreateExternalTexture should match what the texture actually is; and the underlying texture should be 2D.

For Direct3D-like devices, the nativeTex parameter is a pointer to the underlying Direct3D base type, from which a texture can be created. They can be:

D3D11: ID3D11ShaderResourceView* or ID3D11Texture2D*
D3D12: ID3D12Texture2D*

For OpenGL/OpenGL ES, the nativeTex parameter is a GLuint.

For Metal, the nativeTex parameter is an id<MTLTexture>.

For Vulkan, the nativeTex parameter is a VkImage*.

See Also: UpdateExternalTexture, Texture.GetNativeTexturePtr.