Version: 2021.1


class in UnityEngine

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This class provides utility and extension methods to convert image data from or to PNG, EXR, TGA, and JPEG formats.

정적 변수

EnableLegacyPngGammaRuntimeLoadBehaviorEnables legacy PNG runtime import behavior.

정적 함수

EncodeArrayToEXREncodes this array into the EXR format.
EncodeArrayToJPGEncodes this array into JPG format.
EncodeArrayToPNGEncodes this array into PNG format.
EncodeArrayToTGAEncodes this array into TGA format.
EncodeNativeArrayToEXREncodes this native array into the EXR format.
EncodeNativeArrayToJPGEncodes this native array into JPG format.
EncodeNativeArrayToPNGEncodes this native array into PNG format.
EncodeNativeArrayToTGAEncodes this native array into TGA format.
EncodeToEXREncodes this texture into the EXR format.
EncodeToJPGEncodes this texture into JPG format.
EncodeToPNGEncodes this texture into PNG format.
EncodeToTGAEncodes the specified texture in TGA format.
LoadImageLoads PNG/JPG (or supported format) image byte array into a texture.