Version: 2021.1


class in UnityEngine

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Compute Shader asset.

Compute shaders are programs that run on the GPU outside of the normal rendering pipeline. They correspond to compute shader assets in the project (.compute files).

Compute shader support can be queried runtime using SystemInfo.supportsComputeShaders. See Compute Shaders overview for more info about platforms supporting compute shaders.

See Also: ComputeBuffer class, Compute Shaders overview.


shaderKeywordsArray of locally enabled shader keywords.

Public 함수

DisableKeywordDisables a locally set Shader keyword.
DispatchExecute a compute shader.
DispatchIndirectExecute a compute shader.
EnableKeywordSets a Shader keyword locally for this Compute Shader.
FindKernelFind ComputeShader kernel index.
GetKernelThreadGroupSizesGet kernel thread group sizes.
HasKernelChecks whether a shader contains a given kernel.
IsKeywordEnabledSpecifies whether the Shader keyword is enabled in this Compute Shader.
IsSupportedAllows you to check whether the current end user device supports the features required to run the specified compute shader kernel.
SetBoolSet a bool parameter.
SetBufferSets an input or output compute buffer.
SetConstantBufferSets a ComputeBuffer or a GraphicsBuffer as a named constant buffer for the ComputeShader.
SetFloatSet a float parameter.
SetFloatsSet multiple consecutive float parameters at once.
SetIntSet an integer parameter.
SetIntsSet multiple consecutive integer parameters at once.
SetMatrixSet a Matrix parameter.
SetMatrixArraySet a Matrix array parameter.
SetTextureSet a texture parameter.
SetTextureFromGlobalSet a texture parameter from a global texture property.
SetVectorSet a vector parameter.
SetVectorArraySet a vector array parameter.