Version: 2021.1
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class in UnityEngine

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The AnimationState gives full control over animation blending.

In most cases the Animation interface is sufficient and easier to use. Use the AnimationState if you need full control over the animation blending any playback process.

The AnimationState interface allows you to modify speed, weight, time and layers while any animation is playing. You can also setup animation mixing and wrapMode.

The Animation.


blendModeWhich blend mode should be used?
clipThe clip that is being played by this animation state.
enabledEnables / disables the animation.
lengthThe length of the animation clip in seconds.
nameThe name of the animation.
normalizedSpeedThe normalized playback speed.
normalizedTimeThe normalized time of the animation.
speedThe playback speed of the animation. 1 is normal playback speed.
timeThe current time of the animation.
weightThe weight of animation.
wrapModeWrapping mode of the animation.

Public 함수

AddMixingTransformAdds a transform which should be animated. This allows you to reduce the number of animations you have to create.
RemoveMixingTransformRemoves a transform which should be animated.