Version: 2020.3
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The Terrain module implements Unity's Terrain rendering engine available through the Terrain component.


DetailPrototypeDetail prototype used by the Terrain GameObject.
PaintContextThe context for a paint operation that may span multiple connected Terrain tiles.
SplatPrototypeA Splat prototype is just a texture that is used by the TerrainData.
TerrainThe Terrain component renders the terrain.
TerrainCallbacksThis static class provides events that Unity triggers when Terrain data changes.
TerrainDataThe TerrainData class stores heightmaps, detail mesh positions, tree instances, and terrain texture alpha maps.
TerrainExtensionsExtension methods to the Terrain class, used only for the UpdateGIMaterials method used by the Global Illumination System.
TerrainLayerDescription of a terrain layer.
TerrainPaintUtilityA set of utility functions for custom terrain paint tools.
TerrainUtilityProvides a set of utility functions that are used by the terrain tools.
TreeTree Component for the tree creator.
TreePrototypeSimple class that contains a pointer to a tree prototype.


BrushTransformRepresents a linear 2D transformation between brush UV space and a target XY space (typically this is a Terrain-local object space.)
PatchExtentsStructure containing minimum and maximum terrain patch height values.
TreeInstanceContains information about a tree placed in the Terrain game object.


DetailRenderModeRender mode for detail prototypes.
TerrainChangedFlagsIndicate the types of changes to the terrain in OnTerrainChanged callback.
TerrainHeightmapSyncControlControls what Terrain heightmap data to synchronize when there are changes to the heightmap texture.
TerrainRenderFlagsEnum provding terrain rendering options.