Version: 2020.3
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.UIElements


Implemented in:UnityEngine.UIElementsModule

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Describes a VisualElement derived class for the parsing of UXML files and the generation of UXML schema definition.

UxmlTraits describes the UXML attributes and children elements of a class deriving from VisualElement. It is used by UxmlFactory to map UXML attributes to the C# class properties when reading UXML documents. It is also used to generate UXML schema definitions.


canHaveAnyAttributeMust return true if the UXML element attributes are not restricted to the values enumerated by uxmlAttributesDescription.
uxmlAttributesDescriptionDescribes the UXML attributes expected by the element. The attributes enumerated here will appear in the UXML schema.
uxmlChildElementsDescriptionDescribes the types of element that can appear as children of this element in a UXML file.

Public Methods

InitInitialize a VisualElement instance with values from the UXML element attributes.