Version: 2020.3
  • C#


interface in UnityEngine.UIElements

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Interface for pointer events.


actionKeyReturns true if the platform-specific action key is pressed. This key is Cmd on macOS, and Ctrl on all other platforms.
altitudeAngleAngle of the stylus relative to the surface, in radians
altKeyReturns true if the Alt key is pressed.
azimuthAngleAngle of the stylus relative to the x-axis, in radians.
buttonInteger that indicates which mouse button is pressed: 0 is the left button, 1 is the right button, 2 is the middle button.
clickCountThe number of times the button is pressed.
commandKeyReturns true if the Windows/Cmd key is pressed.
ctrlKeyReturns true if the Ctrl key is pressed.
deltaPositionThe difference between the pointer's position during the previous mouse event and its position during the current mouse event.
deltaTimeThe amount of time that has passed since the last recorded change in pointer values, in seconds.
isPrimaryReturns true if the pointer is a primary pointer
localPositionThe pointer position in the current target coordinate system.
modifiersFlags that hold pressed modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Windows/Cmd).
pointerIdIdentifies the pointer that sends the event.
pointerTypeThe type of pointer that created this event. This value is taken from the value defined in `PointerType`.
positionThe pointer position in the Screen or World coordinate system.
pressedButtonsA bitmask that describes the currently pressed buttons.
pressureThe amount of pressure currently applied by a touch. If the device does not report pressure, the value of this property is 1.0f.
radiusAn estimate of the radius of a touch. Add `radiusVariance` to get the maximum touch radius, subtract it to get the minimum touch radius.
radiusVarianceDetermines the accuracy of the touch radius. Add this value to the radius to get the maximum touch radius, subtract it to get the minimum touch radius.
shiftKeyReturns true if the Shift key is pressed.
tangentialPressureThe pressure applied to an additional pressure-sensitive control on the stylus.
twistThe rotation of the stylus around its axis, in radians.