Version: 2020.3
  • C#


struct in UnityEngine.UIElements


Implemented in:UnityEngine.UIElementsModule

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Used by manipulators to match events against their requirements.

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UIElements;

public class ClickableTest { public void CreateClickable() { var clickable = new Clickable(() => { Debug.Log("Clicked!"); }); clickable.activators.Add(new ManipulatorActivationFilter { button = MouseButton.LeftMouse }); clickable.activators.Add(new ManipulatorActivationFilter { button = MouseButton.RightMouse, clickCount = 2, modifiers = EventModifiers.Control }); } }


buttonThe button that activates the manipulation.
clickCountNumber of mouse clicks required to activate the manipulator.
modifiersAny modifier keys (ie. ctrl, alt, ...) that are needed to activate the manipulation.

Public Methods

MatchesChecks whether the current mouse event satisfies the activation requirements.