Version: 2020.3
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.UIElements


Implemented in:UnityEngine.UIElementsModule

Implements interfaces:IUxmlFactory

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Generic base class for UXML factories, which instantiate a VisualElement using the data read from a UXML file.

T0 The type of the element that will be instantiated. It must derive from VisualElement.

T1 The traits of the element that will be instantiated. It must derive from UxmlTraits.


canHaveAnyAttributeReturns UxmlTraits.canHaveAnyAttribute (where UxmlTraits is the argument for T1).
substituteForTypeNameReturns an empty string if T0 is not VisualElement; otherwise, returns "VisualElement".
substituteForTypeNamespaceReturns the namespace for substituteForTypeName.
substituteForTypeQualifiedNameReturns the fully qualified name for substituteForTypeName.
uxmlAttributesDescriptionReturns an empty enumerable.
uxmlChildElementsDescriptionReturns an empty enumerable.
uxmlNameReturns the type name of T0.
uxmlNamespaceReturns the namespace name of T0.
uxmlQualifiedNameReturns the typefully qualified name of T0.

Public Methods

AcceptsAttributeBagReturns true.
CreateInstantiate an object of type T0 and initialize it by calling T1 UxmlTraits.Init method.