Version: 2020.3
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.UIElements


Inherits from:UIElements.UxmlAttributeDescription


Implemented in:UnityEngine.UIElementsModule

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Base class for all the uxml specific attributes.


defaultValueThe default value to be used for that specific attribute.
defaultValueAsStringThe string representation of the default value of the uxml attribute.

Public Methods

GetValueFromBagUse this method to obtain the actual value of the attribute.

Inherited Members


defaultValueAsStringThe default value for the attribute, as a string.
nameThe attribute name.
obsoleteNamesA list of obsolete names for this attribute.
restrictionRestrictions on the possible values of the attribute.
typeAttribute type.
typeNamespaceAttribute namespace.
useWhether the attribute is optional, required or prohibited.

Protected Methods

GetValueFromBagGet the attribute value from the attribute bag.
TryGetValueFromBagTries to get the attribute value from the attribute bag.