Version: 2020.2
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The AI module implements the path finding features in Unity.


NavMeshSingleton class to access the baked NavMesh.
NavMeshAgentNavigation mesh agent.
NavMeshBuilderNavigation mesh builder interface.
NavMeshDataContains and represents NavMesh data.
NavMeshObstacleAn obstacle for NavMeshAgents to avoid.
NavMeshPathA path as calculated by the navigation system.
OffMeshLinkLink allowing movement outside the planar navigation mesh.


NavMeshBuildDebugSettingsSpecify which of the temporary data generated while building the NavMesh should be retained in memory after the process has completed.
NavMeshBuildMarkupThe NavMesh build markup allows you to control how certain objects are treated during the NavMesh build process, specifically when collecting sources for building.
NavMeshBuildSettingsThe NavMeshBuildSettings struct allows you to specify a collection of settings which describe the dimensions and limitations of a particular agent type.
NavMeshBuildSourceThe input to the NavMesh builder is a list of NavMesh build sources.
NavMeshDataInstanceThe instance is returned when adding NavMesh data.
NavMeshHitResult information for NavMesh queries.
NavMeshLinkDataUsed for runtime manipulation of links connecting polygons of the NavMesh.
NavMeshLinkInstanceAn instance representing a link available for pathfinding.
NavMeshLocationA world position that is guaranteed to be on the surface of the NavMesh.
NavMeshQueryObject used for doing navigation operations in a NavMeshWorld.
NavMeshQueryFilterSpecifies which agent type and areas to consider when searching the NavMesh.
NavMeshTriangulationContains data describing a triangulation of a navmesh.
NavMeshWorldAssembles together a collection of NavMesh surfaces and links that are used as a whole for performing navigation operations.
OffMeshLinkDataState of OffMeshLink.
PolygonIdRepresents a compact identifier for the data of a NavMesh node.


NavMeshBuildDebugFlagsBitmask used for operating with debug data from the NavMesh build process.
NavMeshBuildSourceShapeUsed with NavMeshBuildSource to define the shape for building NavMesh.
NavMeshCollectGeometryUsed for specifying the type of geometry to collect. Used with NavMeshBuilder.CollectSources.
NavMeshObstacleShapeShape of the obstacle.
NavMeshPathStatusStatus of path.
NavMeshPolyTypesThe types of nodes in the navigation data.
ObstacleAvoidanceTypeLevel of obstacle avoidance.
OffMeshLinkTypeLink type specifier.
PathQueryStatusBit flags representing the resulting state of NavMeshQuery operations.