Version: 2020.2
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The Audio module implements Unity's audio system.


AudioChorusFilterThe Audio Chorus Filter takes an Audio Clip and processes it creating a chorus effect.
AudioClipA container for audio data.
AudioDistortionFilterThe Audio Distortion Filter distorts the sound from an AudioSource or sounds reaching the AudioListener.
AudioEchoFilterThe Audio Echo Filter repeats a sound after a given Delay, attenuating the repetitions based on the Decay Ratio.
AudioHighPassFilterThe Audio High Pass Filter passes high frequencies of an AudioSource, and cuts off signals with frequencies lower than the Cutoff Frequency.
AudioListenerRepresentation of a listener in 3D space.
AudioLowPassFilterThe Audio Low Pass Filter passes low frequencies of an AudioSource or all sounds reaching an AudioListener, while removing frequencies higher than the Cutoff Frequency.
AudioMixerAudioMixer asset.
AudioMixerGroupObject representing a group in the mixer.
AudioMixerSnapshotObject representing a snapshot in the mixer.
AudioPlayableBindingA PlayableBinding that contains information representing an AudioPlayableOutput.
AudioRendererAllow recording the main output of the game or specific groups in the AudioMixer.
AudioReverbFilterThe Audio Reverb Filter takes an Audio Clip and distorts it to create a custom reverb effect.
AudioReverbZoneReverb Zones are used when you want to create location based ambient effects in the Scene.
AudioSampleProviderProvides access to the audio samples generated by Unity objects such as VideoPlayer.
AudioSettingsControls the global audio settings from script.
AudioSourceA representation of audio sources in 3D.
MicrophoneUse this class to record to an AudioClip using a connected microphone.
WebCamTextureWebCam Textures are textures onto which the live video input is rendered.


AudioClipPlayableAn implementation of IPlayable that controls an AudioClip.
AudioConfigurationSpecifies the current properties or desired properties to be set for the audio system.
AudioMixerPlayableAn implementation of IPlayable that controls an audio mixer.
AudioPlayableOutputA IPlayableOutput implementation that will be used to play audio.
WebCamDeviceA structure describing the webcam device.


AudioClipLoadTypeDetermines how the audio clip is loaded in.
AudioCompressionFormatAn enum containing different compression types.
AudioDataLoadStateValue describing the current load state of the audio data associated with an AudioClip.
AudioMixerUpdateModeThe mode in which an AudioMixer should update its time.
AudioReverbPresetReverb presets used by the Reverb Zone class and the audio reverb filter.
AudioRolloffModeRolloff modes that a 3D sound can have in an audio source.
AudioSourceCurveTypeThis defines the curve type of the different custom curves that can be queried and set within the AudioSource.
AudioSpeakerModeThese are speaker types defined for use with AudioSettings.speakerMode.
AudioVelocityUpdateModeDescribes when an AudioSource or AudioListener is updated.
FFTWindowSpectrum analysis windowing types.
WebCamKindEnum representing the different types of web camera device.