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Enumeration of XR nodes which can be updated by XR input or sent haptic data.

Note: The types GameController, TrackingReference, and HardwareTracker are considered non-singleton nodes, as there can be many of each available. As a result, InputTracking.GetLocalPosition, and InputTracking.GetLocalRotation will not work with those values. Please use InputTracking.GetNodeStates instead. Note: Only XR nodes with valid haptic devices as endpoints can be sent haptic data.


LeftEyeNode representing the left eye.
RightEyeNode representing the right eye.
CenterEyeNode representing a point between the left and right eyes.
HeadNode representing the user's head.
LeftHandNode representing the left hand.
RightHandNode representing the right hand.
GameControllerRepresents a tracked game Controller not associated with a specific hand.
TrackingReferenceRepresents a stationary physical device that can be used as a point of reference in the tracked area.
HardwareTrackerRepresents a physical device that provides tracking data for objects to which it is attached.