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A Task describes an instance of a version control operation.

An object of this type allows you to process operations such as Provider.Checkout, Provider.GetLatest, and Provider.Submit. Unity creates this item almost every time you ask Provider to perform an action. Task objects, that version control operations return, execute in the background and don't always finish immediately, use Task.Wait if you need to wait for them to finish.


assetListThe result of some types of tasks.
changeSetsList of changesets returned by some tasks.
descriptionA short description of the current task.
messagesMay contain messages from the version control plugins.
progressPctA progress percentage for the current task.
resultCodeSome task return result codes, these are stored here.
secondsSpentTotal time spent in task since the task was started.
successGet whether or not the task was completed succesfully.
textWill contain the result of the Provider.ChangeSetDescription task.

Public Functions

SetCompletionActionUpon completion of a task a completion task will be performed if it is set.
WaitA blocking wait for the task to complete.