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GPU graphics data buffer, for working with data such as vertex and index buffers.

Most draw calls supply vertex and index buffers to the GPU. This structure exposes those buffers to script, in order to allow for low-level rendering control.

See Also: Graphics.DrawProcedural.


countNumber of elements in the buffer (Read Only).
strideSize of one element in the buffer (Read Only).


GraphicsBufferCreate a Graphics Buffer.

Public Functions

GetDataRead data values from the buffer into an array. The array can only use blittable types.
GetNativeBufferPtrRetrieve a native (underlying graphics API) pointer to the buffer.
IsValidReturns true if this graphics buffer is valid, or false otherwise.
ReleaseRelease a Graphics Buffer.
SetCounterValueКопирует значение счетчика добавления/извлечения буфера в другой буфер.
SetDataSet the buffer with values from an array.

Static Functions

CopyCountКопирует значение счетчика добавления/извлечения буфера в другой буфер.