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Представление 2D vector'ов и точек.

This structure is used in some places to represent 2D positions and vectors (e.g. texture coordinates in a Mesh or texture offsets in Material). In the majority of other cases a Vector3 is used.

Static Variables

downShorthand for writing Vector2(0, -1).
leftShorthand for writing Vector2(-1, 0).
negativeInfinityShorthand for writing Vector2(float.NegativeInfinity, float.NegativeInfinity).
oneСокращенное написание Vector2(1,1)
positiveInfinityShorthand for writing Vector2(float.PositiveInfinity, float.PositiveInfinity).
rightСокращенное написание Vector2(1,0)
upСокращение написания Vector2(0,1)
zeroСокращенное написание Vector2(0,0)


magnitudeВозвращает длину этого vector'a
normalizedReturns this vector with a magnitude of 1 (Read Only).
sqrMagnitudeВозвращает квадрат длины этого vector'a (Read Only)
this[int]Доступ к x или y компонентам используются [0] или [1] соответственно
xX компонент vector'a
yY компонент вектора.


Vector2Создает новый вектор с заданными х, у данными

Public Functions

EqualsReturns true if the given vector is exactly equal to this vector.
NormalizeMakes this vector have a magnitude of 1.
SetSet x and y components of an existing Vector2.
ToStringReturns a formatted string for this vector.

Static Functions

AngleReturns the unsigned angle in degrees between from and to.
ClampMagnitudeReturns a copy of vector with its magnitude clamped to maxLength.
DistanceВозвращает длину между а и /b/
DotDot Product of two vectors.
LerpLinearly interpolates between vectors a and b by t.
LerpUnclampedLinearly interpolates between vectors a and b by t.
MaxВозвращает vector, который сделан из компонентов двух vector'oв
MinВозвращает vector, который сделан из мелких компонентов двух vector'oв
MoveTowardsПеремещает из точки curren в /target /
PerpendicularReturns the 2D vector perpendicular to this 2D vector. The result is always rotated 90-degrees in a counter-clockwise direction for a 2D coordinate system where the positive Y axis goes up.
ReflectReflects a vector off the vector defined by a normal.
ScaleПокомпонентное умножение двух vector'oв
SignedAngleReturns the signed angle in degrees between from and to.
SmoothDampGradually changes a vector towards a desired goal over time.


operator -Вычитает один vector из другого
operator *Умножает vector на число
operator /Делит vector на число
operator +Добавляет два вектора.
operator ==Returns true if two vectors are approximately equal.
Vector2Converts a Vector3 to a Vector2.
Vector3Converts a Vector2 to a Vector3.