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public static bool AreFloatsEqualAbsoluteError (float expected, float actual, float allowedAbsoluteError);


expectedThe expected value.
actualActual value to be compared with the expected value.
allowedAbsoluteErrorThe permissible tolerance.

Valor de retorno

bool Returns true if the actual value is equaivalent to the expected value under the given tolerance.


Compares two float values for equality.

This method compares two floating point numbers for equality under the given absolute tolerance.

using UnityEngine.TestTools.Utils;

using NUnit.Framework;


class UtilsTest { [Test]

public void FloatsAreAbsoluteEqual() { float expected = 0f;

float actual = 10e-6f;

float error = 10e-5f;

Assert.That(Utils.AreFloatsEqualAbsoluteError(expected, actual, error), Is.True); } }