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GenericMenu lets you create custom context menus and dropdown menus.

The example below opens an Editor window with a button. Clicking the button displays a context menu, which lets you change the color to apply to the GUI in the window. Copy the example's contents into a script called GenericMenuExample.cs and put it into a folder in your project called Editor.


using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class GenericMenuExample : EditorWindow { // open the window from the menu item Example -> GUI Color [MenuItem("Example/GUI Color")] static void Init() { EditorWindow window = GetWindow<GenericMenuExample>(); window.position = new Rect(50f, 50f, 200f, 24f); window.Show(); }

// serialize field on window so its value will be saved when Unity recompiles [SerializeField] Color m_Color = Color.white;

void OnEnable() { titleContent = new GUIContent("GUI Color"); }

// a method to simplify adding menu items void AddMenuItemForColor(GenericMenu menu, string menuPath, Color color) { // the menu item is marked as selected if it matches the current value of m_Color menu.AddItem(new GUIContent(menuPath), m_Color.Equals(color), OnColorSelected, color); }

// the GenericMenu.MenuFunction2 event handler for when a menu item is selected void OnColorSelected(object color) { m_Color = (Color)color; }

void OnGUI() { // set the GUI to use the color stored in m_Color GUI.color = m_Color;

// display the GenericMenu when pressing a button if (GUILayout.Button("Select GUI Color")) { // create the menu and add items to it GenericMenu menu = new GenericMenu();

// forward slashes nest menu items under submenus AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "RGB/Red",; AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "RGB/Green",; AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "RGB/Blue",;

// an empty string will create a separator at the top level menu.AddSeparator("");

AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Cyan", Color.cyan); AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Yellow", Color.yellow); AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Magenta", Color.magenta); // a trailing slash will nest a separator in a submenu menu.AddSeparator("CMYK/"); AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Black",;


AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "White", Color.white);

// display the menu menu.ShowAsContext(); } } }


allowDuplicateNamesAllow the menu to have multiple items with the same name.

Funciones Públicas

AddDisabledItemAñade un elemento des-habilitado al menú.
AddItemAñade un elemento al menú.
AddSeparatorAñade un separador al menú.
DropDownShow the menu at the given screen rect.
GetItemCountObtiene la cantidad de elementos en el menú.
ShowAsContextMuestra el menú bajo el ratón.


MenuFunctionCallback function, called when a menu item is selected.
MenuFunction2Callback function with user data, called when a menu item is selected.