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Describes a set of bounding spheres that should have their visibility and distances maintained.


enabledPauses culling group execution.
onStateChangedSets the callback that will be called when a sphere's visibility and/or distance state has changed.
targetCameraLocks the CullingGroup to a specific camera.


CullingGroupCreate a CullingGroup.

Funciones Públicas

DisposeClean up all memory used by the CullingGroup immediately.
EraseSwapBackErase a given bounding sphere by moving the final sphere on top of it.
GetDistanceGet the current distance band index of a given sphere.
IsVisibleReturns true if the bounding sphere at index is currently visible from any of the contributing cameras.
QueryIndicesRetrieve the indices of spheres that have particular visibility and/or distance states.
SetBoundingDistancesSet bounding distances for 'distance bands' the group should compute, as well as options for how spheres falling into each distance band should be treated.
SetBoundingSphereCountSets the number of bounding spheres in the bounding spheres array that are actually being used.
SetBoundingSpheresSets the array of bounding sphere definitions that the CullingGroup should compute culling for.
SetDistanceReferencePointSet the reference point from which distance bands are measured.


StateChangedThis delegate is used for recieving a callback when a sphere's distance or visibility state has changed.