Version: 2022.2
2D 恒定力 (Constant Force 2D)
2D 区域效应器 (Area Effector 2D)

2D 效应器

Use Effector 2D components with Collider 2D components to direct the forces of physics when GameObject colliders come into contact with each other. You can use the following Effectors 2D components in Unity:

Topic 描述
Area Effector 2D Use Area Effector 2D to arbitrarily vary force and angle magnitude.
Buoyancy Effector 2D Use Buoyancy Effector 2D to simulate buoyancy, fluid flow and fluid drag.
Point Effector 2D Use Point Effector 2D to attract or repulse against a given source point.
Platform Effector 2D Use Platform Effector 2D to create platform behavior, such as one-way collisions.
Surface Effector 2D Use Surface Effector 2D to create conveyor belts.


2D 恒定力 (Constant Force 2D)
2D 区域效应器 (Area Effector 2D)