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Package Manager

Package Manager 设置(菜单:__Edit > Project Settings__,然后 Package Manager 类别)用于管理范围注册表并修改当前项目的高级设置。

Properties for the Package Manager
Properties for the Package Manager

(A) Under the Advanced Settings section, toggle whether pre-release packages are visible in the Package Manager window.

(B) Add, modify, and remove scoped registries for your project under the Scoped Registries group, which contains the following areas:

    (1) 当前为此项目定义的范围注册表的列表

    (2) 所选范围注册表的详细信息

Advanced Settings

Use the Advanced Settings group to toggle the Enable Pre-release Packages setting for your current project.

Enable Pre-release Packages

Enable the Enable Pre-release Packages setting to display pre-release packages in the Package Manager window. Pre-release packages appear with the tag in the list view and the tag in the details view, as a reminder of which packages will be released with the LTS version of the Editor.


By default this setting is disabled because pre-release packages are still being verified as stable enough for production, but are not fully released yet. For more information about the lifecycle of packages, see Package states and lifecycle.

Scoped Registries

Scoped Registries 组左侧显示已添加到当前项目的范围注册表的列表,右侧是所选注册表的详细信息。

有关范围注册表的详细信息,包括如何通过 Unity Package Manager 使用和配置,请参阅有关范围注册表的文档。

注意:如果您添加了范围注册表,但在 My Registries 上下文或 My Registries 上下文根本不可用,这可能是因为您添加的包注册表服务器没有实现 /-/v1/search/-/all 终端,这意味着它与 Unity 的 Package Manager 不兼容。



  1. 选择列表底部的 + 按钮。将显示一个 New Scoped Registry 新条目,右侧的详细信息的值均为空白,而且 RevertApply 按钮变为 CancelSave 按钮。
  2. 分别为 NameURLScope(s) 属性输入值。
  3. 如果您需要指定多个范围,请选择最后一个 Scope(s) 值下方的 + 按钮。将出现另一个文本框。
  4. 选定范围注册表的信息输入完成后,单击 Save。要完全取消新范围注册表的添加操作,请单击 Cancel



  1. 从左侧的列表选择要修改的注册表。现有信息显示在右侧。
  2. 修改任何一个 NameURLScope(s) 属性。
  3. 选定范围注册表的信息更新完成后,单击 Apply。要完全取消新范围注册表的添加操作,请单击 Revert



  1. 从列表中选择要删除的注册表。
  2. 单击列表下方的 - 按钮。出现一个对话框提示您确认删除。
  3. 单击 Ok 继续或 Cancel 保持不变。

  • Scoped Registries, Enable Preview Packages and Show Dependencies project settings added in 2020.1 NewIn20201
  • Enable Preview Packages project setting changed to Enable Pre-release Packages in 2021.1 NewIn20211


物理 (Physics)