Version: 2020.2
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public uint updateCount;


This counter is incremented when the texture is updated.

Note: If you perform an update from the GPU side, you should increment the counter yourself. (For instance, when blitting into a RenderTexture). (see IncrementUpdateCount).

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class MyTextureCache { struct TextureCacheMeta { internal int index; internal uint updateCount; }

Dictionary<Texture, TextureCacheMeta> m_TextureMetas = new Dictionary<Texture, TextureCacheMeta>(); RenderTexture m_Cache;

public Texture cache { get { return m_Cache; } }

public int CacheTexture(Texture texture) { var index = -1; TextureCacheMeta meta; if (m_TextureMetas.TryGetValue(texture, out meta)) { if (meta.updateCount != texture.updateCount) { // Texture has changed since last caching // So blit again into the cache texture BlitTextureAt(meta.index, texture); meta.updateCount = texture.updateCount; m_TextureMetas[texture] = meta; } } else { index = GetNextIndex(); if (index < 0) { Debug.LogError("Invalid index"); return -1; }

m_TextureMetas[texture] = new TextureCacheMeta { index = index, updateCount = texture.updateCount }; } return index; }

void BlitTextureAt(int index, Texture texture) { /* copy pixels in cache */ } int GetNextIndex() { return -1; /* Get next index to use in the cache */ } }