Version: 2019.4
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struct in UnityEditor.Sprites


Implemented in:UnityEditor

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Describes the final atlas texture.

Note that if not all Sprites can be fit to an area defined by maxWidth and maxHeight, multiple atlas pages will be generated.


allowsAlphaSplittingMarks this atlas so that it contains textures that have been flagged for Alpha splitting when needed (for example ETC1 compression for textures with transparency).
anisoLevelAnisotropic filtering level of the atlas texture.
colorSpaceDesired color space of the atlas.
compressionQualityQuality of atlas texture compression in the range [0..100].
enableRotationAllows Sprite Packer to rotate/flip the Sprite to ensure optimal Packing.
filterModeFiltering mode of the atlas texture.
formatThe format of the atlas texture.
generateMipMapsDetemines if sprite atlas textures generate mipmaps.
maxHeightMaximum height of the atlas texture.
maxWidthMaximum width of the atlas texture.
paddingPowerThe amount of extra padding between packed sprites.