Version: 2019.4
  • C#
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


struct in UnityEngine.Experimental.TerrainAPI


Implemented in:UnityEngine.TerrainModule

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Represents a linear 2D transformation between brush UV space and a target XY space (typically this is a Terrain-local object space.)

The BrushTransform represents a rectangular brush, with scale, rotation, and skew. The brush is assumed to lie in the [0,1] range in brush UV space.

The transform and its inverse are represented as follows:
xy = u * BrushTransform.brushU + v * BrushTransform.brushV + BrushTransform.brushOrigin
uv = x * BrushTransform.targetX + y * BrushTransform.targetY + BrushTransform.targetOrigin


brushOrigin(Read Only) Brush UV origin, in XY space.
brushU(Read Only) Brush U vector, in XY space.
brushV(Read Only) Brush V vector, in XY space.
targetOrigin(Read Only) Target XY origin, in Brush UV space.
targetX(Read Only) Target X vector, in Brush UV space.
targetY(Read Only) Target Y vector, in Brush UV space.


BrushTransformCreates a BrushTransform.

Public Methods

FromBrushUVApplies the transform to convert a Brush UV coordinate to the target XY space.
GetBrushXYBoundsGet the axis-aligned bounding rectangle of the brush, in target XY space.
ToBrushUVApplies the transform to convert a target XY coordinate to Brush UV space.

Static Methods

FromRectCreates an axis-aligned BrushTransform from a rectangle.