Version: 2019.4
  • C#


struct in UnityEngine


Implemented in:UnityEngine.TextRenderingModule

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A struct that stores the settings for TextGeneration.


alignByGeometryUse the extents of glyph geometry to perform horizontal alignment rather than glyph metrics.
colorThe base color for the text generation.
fontFont to use for generation.
fontSizeFont size.
fontStyleFont style.
generateOutOfBoundsContinue to generate characters even if the text runs out of bounds.
generationExtentsExtents that the generator will attempt to fit the text in.
horizontalOverflowWhat happens to text when it reaches the horizontal generation bounds.
lineSpacingThe line spacing multiplier.
pivotGenerated vertices are offset by the pivot.
resizeTextForBestFitShould the text be resized to fit the configured bounds?
resizeTextMaxSizeMaximum size for resized text.
resizeTextMinSizeMinimum size for resized text.
richTextAllow rich text markup in generation.
scaleFactorA scale factor for the text. This is useful if the Text is on a Canvas and the canvas is scaled.
textAnchorHow is the generated text anchored.
updateBoundsShould the text generator update the bounds from the generated text.
verticalOverflowWhat happens to text when it reaches the bottom generation bounds.