Version: 2019.3


class in UnityEngine.AI



NavMesh ビルド機能のインターフェースです

Note: There are two classes with the name NavMeshBuilder. They are declared in two different namespaces: UnityEngine.AI and UnityEditor.AI. Their methods are all listed together on this page. The namespace is indicated in parentheses next to each method.

Static 変数

isRunningReturns true if an asynchronous build is still running. (UnityEditor)

Static 関数

BuildNavMeshBuild the Navmesh. (UnityEditor)
BuildNavMeshAsyncBuild the Navmesh Asyncronously. (UnityEditor)
BuildNavMeshForMultipleScenesBuilds the combined navmesh for the contents of multiple Scenes. (UnityEditor)
CancelCancel Navmesh construction. (UnityEditor) See Also: NavMeshBuilder.BuildNavMeshAsync
ClearAllNavMeshesClear all Navmeshes. (UnityEditor)
CollectSourcesInStageCreates a list of build sources directly from the current geometry in the specified editor stage. (UnityEditor)