Version: 2019.3





Bitmask used for operating with debug data from the NavMesh build process.

Used in two situations:
- within NavMeshBuildSettings.debug to specify which debug data to retain after the build process has completed, preserving the world position and orientation;
- as a parameter of NavMeshEditorHelpers.DrawBuildDebug to control which of the available debug data types to display for a specified NavMesh.

See Also: NavMeshBuildSettings.


NoneNo debug data from the NavMesh build process is taken into consideration.
InputGeometryThe triangles of all the geometry that is used as a base for computing the new NavMesh.
VoxelsThe voxels produced by rasterizing the source geometry into walkable and unwalkable areas.
RegionsThe segmentation of the traversable surfaces into smaller areas necessary for producing simple polygons.
RawContoursThe contours that follow precisely the edges of each surface region.
SimplifiedContoursContours bounding each of the surface regions, described through fewer vertices and straighter edges compared to RawContours.
PolygonMeshesMeshes of convex polygons constructed within the unified contours of adjacent regions.
PolygonMeshesDetailThe triangulated meshes with height details that better approximate the source geometry.
AllAll debug data from the NavMesh build process is taken into consideration.