Version: 2021.1
Using the Index Manager
Searching Project Assets

Regular searches

Regular searches use opt-out Search Providers. Each time you perform a search, Search uses all regular Search Providers, and returns their combined results. You can exclude specific providers to obtain more precise results.

Items that best match the search query appear higher in the results.

NOTE: Search also has special opt-in Search Providers that are not used in regular searches. See Special searches for details.

Search has the following regular Search Providers:

Provider: 功能: Search token: 示例:
Project Searches Project Assets. p: (for “project”) p:Player

Searches for Assets that match the term “Player”.
Hierarchy Searches GameObjects in the Scene. h: (for “hierarchy”) h:Main Camera

Searches the current Scene for GameObjects that match the term “Main Camera”.
Settings Searches all Project Settings and Preferences. set: set:VFX

Finds Project Settings and Preferences pages that match the term “VFX”.
Menus Searches the Unity main menu. m: m:TextMesh Pro

Searches the Unity main menu for commands that contain “TextMesh Pro.”

Excluding Search Providers

You can exclude specific Search Providers from a regular search. To exclude a provider, do one of the following:

Using the Index Manager
Searching Project Assets