Version: 2018.2
Особенности рендеринга различных платформ
Texture arrays

Уровень детализации шейдера (Level Of Detail)

Уровень детализации шейдера (LOD) работает только при использовании шейдера или подшейдера у которых значение параметра LOD меньше чем заданное.

By default, allowed LOD level is infinite, that is, all shaders that are supported by the user’s hardware can be used. However, in some cases you might want to drop shader details, even if the hardware can support them. For example, some cheap graphics cards might support all the features, but are too slow to use them. So you may want to not use parallax normal mapping on them.

Shader LOD can be either set per individual shader (using Shader.maximumLOD), or globally for all shaders (using Shader.globalMaximumLOD).

In your custom shaders, use LOD command to set up LOD value for any subshader.

Built-in shaders in Unity have their LODs set up this way:

  • VertexLit kind of shaders = 100
  • Decal, Reflective VertexLit = 150
  • Diffuse = 200
  • Diffuse Detail, Reflective Bumped Unlit, Reflective Bumped VertexLit = 250
  • Bumped, Specular = 300
  • Bumped Specular = 400
  • Parallax = 500
  • Parallax Specular = 600
Особенности рендеринга различных платформ
Texture arrays