Version: 2017.2


当鼠标不再处于 GUIElementCollider 上方时调用。

OnMouseExit 调用跟随在相应的 OnMouseEnterOnMouseOver 调用之后。

在属于 Ignore Raycast 层的对象上,不调用该函数。

This function is called on Colliders marked as Trigger if and only if Physics.queriesHitTriggers is true.

如果在函数中的某处添加 yield 语句,则可以将 OnMouseExit 用作协同程序。 该事件将发送到附加到 ColliderGUIElement 的所有脚本。

//Attach this script to a GameObject to have it output messages when your mouse hovers over it.
using UnityEngine;

public class OnMouseOverExample : MonoBehaviour { void OnMouseOver() { //If your mouse hovers over the GameObject with the script attached, output this message Debug.Log("Mouse is over GameObject."); }

void OnMouseExit() { //The mouse is no longer hovering over the GameObject so output this message each frame Debug.Log("Mouse is no longer on GameObject."); } }